Medarcus Solutions

SurePatient MPI™

is an affordable, non-disruptive, easy to implement solution that safeguards patient safety by improving patient identification and preventing medical record duplication. SurePatient™ helps hospitals get to One Patient – One Record.

SurePatient Search™

most errors happen at the front line. We know that most access management staff don’t set out to make mistakes but often in the rush of the ED or a crowded waiting room or cases where the patient is unable to provide quality information the quality of search and matching can be impacted. Medarcus SurePatient Search™ is a front-end patent pending solution which automates the search process for the access management clerk. In time studies we have found that we can save a clerk up to 8 minutes per search.

SurePatient Archive™

is a flexible, functional medical data archival solution that presents legacy medical records to clinical and HIM staff while removing the costs needed to host legacy EHR systems post go-live. Clinical records are presented in the same look and feel as your hospital’s EHR.

SurePatient Contract™

is a Stark Law compliance solution that reduces Stark audit risk and penalties by alerting hospital compliance and executive staff of exceptions and deviations related to fair market value compensation. SurePatient Contract™ is a central repository of all physician contracts enabling consistent review and approval processes, content and quality assessments, and timely renewals.

SurePatient Scan™

Embedded in SurePatient is our Scan EMPI analytic module. SurePatient Scan™ runs a sample of your data through our algorithms to give you a birds-eye view of your duplicate rate. Most hospitals underestimate where they stand however your duplicate rate is higher than you think. The average hospital has a duplicate rate of between 8-12% according to AHIMA but in the cases of hospitals that have not had a comprehensive data governance program in place it can be as high as 17%! SurePatient Scan™ will run an analysis of your MPI to give you an estimated Duplicate Rate at the beginning of the initiative. Contact us for a free assessment.