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Our implementation teams have over 15 years of experience installing, customizing, trouble-shooting, protecting, auditing, reporting, training and maintaining most EHR systems on the market including Cerner Millennium, GE CPM, NextGen, E-Clinical Works, Meditech and others. We have specific and deep experience connecting EHRs and downstream clinical systems.


Medarcus’ multi-disciplinary teams are experts at reducing duplicate and overlay patient data. Through the Medarcus proprietary processes and our SurePatient software system, we help prevent duplicate records at all registration points to assist your HIM Department reduce duplicate patient data below 5%.


Medarcus has deep expertise in legacy clinical and HIM data conversions. Our medical data archival system, MA2, provides access to all patient data for the clinical staff during any encounter no matter which new EHR system is being used. We are experts at ensuring that historical patient data is available at and post Go-Live.


Healthcare IT systems are under constant attack from hackers seeking to steal patients’ identities, penetrate hospitals’ IT infrastructure and use its resources to attack others, or to demand ransom for unlocking acess to hospitals’ own IT assets. Through the use of best security practices, system policies, penetration testing and other services, Medarcus can help lock down your healthcare IT assets before it is too late.

Medarcus offers a variety of healthcare services – EHR Implementations, Cyber Security, Reporting, Healthcare Data Archival & Cleanup, HIM, Revenue Cycle, and other areas.

Our HIM Consulting team of experts combine expertise in best practices while leveraging technology to deliver value to our clients. Our services are affordable and are streamlined to target efficiencies while improving patient care.

Medarcus MPI Services

Most hospitals do not proactively manage their duplicate records and are often confronted with a hurry up situation prior to starting a conversion. Whether through an EHR upgrade, or acquisition, the scenarios are numerous. Medarcus offers services to help you navigate the challenges related to data integrity and then offer options to improve data integrity over time through education and training of your access management team.

  • SurePatient - Scans a sampling of your MPI data to offer a birds-eye view of your duplicate rate

  • 30 Day MPI Data Health Assessment

  • MPI Data Integrity and Duplicates Cleanup support

  • Patient Registration Training – Industry Best Practices to improve overall data quality

  • Best Practices in Health IT Project Management

  • Reducing Patient Readmissions Study

  • Stark Law Compliance Mini-Audits

  • HL7 Interface Development and Support

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HIM Advisory

At Medarcus our HIM Solutions team of Managers, Directors and Consultants will provide the expertise you need to improve departmental performance. Regardless of your HIM initiatives, we can offer support to transition your HIM department to function according to well-established best practices as determined by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

Our Subject Matter Experts can assist you in reducing costs, improve, improve processes, productivity and quality across all HIM domains.

Our Service Options:

The Medarcus Approach Changing the Way Health Information Problems Are Solved

Medarcus applies advanced technologies from our research group, Medarcus Labs, to vexing healthcare IT problems – duplicate medical records, incomplete medical records, patient re-admissions, employee productivity and revenue cycle enhancements. Key to these health IT issues is data quality – Medarcus proprietary data and informational governance processes sort out the difficult data challenges with and to improve data over its entire lifecycle

  • Inventive patent-pending and industry standard algorithms

  • Applied and proven technologies and techniques adopted from finance, national security and other industries

  • Data governance forms the basis for our proprietary data integrity improvement process Medarcus MPI Cleanup Services

  • Years of experience and “lessons learned” form our best practices as detailed in our registration and HIM training to reduce errors before patient engagement