30years Experience in the Healthcare IT industry

One Patient - One Record

How does your hospital compare? AHIMA best practice recommends less than 5% but industry average is 8% or higher. When was the last time you evaluated your data? Do you know where you stand? Keep your duplicate rate low and reduce data errors real time.

Medarcus works within your current EHR framework to identify errors, point out data quality weaknesses and most importantly identify your duplicate rate with a user-friendly interface for resolving data errors. We are EHR diagnostic and value the investment you have put into your current systems.

Stop – Front end simple search queries your EMPI for matches at registration and shaves off valuable minutes in the registration process – we stop errors before they happen.

Identify – We calculate your duplicate rate against new registrations real time and against your backlog using proprietary algorithms embedded in SurePatient.

Resolve – The SurePatient MPI module provides your users a clean simple interface to resolve duplicates with a seamless real time update to the EHR

Reporting – Data Quality Reports that help you identify the source of the data errors.

Train - Our Registration training module helps to improve the problem areas through best practices training in a non-punitive way.

Innovative and Scalable Solutions for any size Enterprise

SurePatient Platform provides an EHR Agnostic platform that is scalable to organizations of any size and budget.

Medarcus is an innovative healthcare product and services company leveraging applied research to provide patient safety, regulatory compliance, and revenue recovery solutions. We work with health enterprises nationwide who are looking for an affordable scalable solution for their EMPI data.

Data quality is improved by the convergence of Medarcus’ deep industry experience and the evolving sciences of automated intelligence / machine learning and record linkage algorithms.

Medarcus provides data integrity solutions and services that decrease health information issues and reduces the long-term cost of maintaining patient data quality. We partner with healthcare organizations to identify and resolve data issues and identify hard to find duplicates and overlays in your MPI. We help you get the most out of your EHR by keeping your data clean.

Medarcus Delivers

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions

User friendly and easy to implement

Data Governance

Data Governance

Healthy data means healthy patients



Standardized training across the enterprise to reinforce best practices

Data Quality Reporting

Data Quality Reporting

Know the problem areas and be able to remediate at the source

Medarcus Outcomes

  • Increased Patient Safety

    Quality of patient information reduces errors

  • Increased Data Confidence

    Faster decisions, better outcomes, quicker revenue

  • Positive Patient Experience

    Accuracy and thoroughness of treatment, personalized medical services, reduced re-admissions

  • Positive Financial Impact – faster reimbursement

    Reduced Costs related to data remediation projects and double work to go back and fix mistakes

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Our Mission

Medarcus is a Fair Rate Company - we offer market rate compensation to our team and market prices to our clients.

Team Based

We take a team-based approach in every project - team members have worked together before to ensure team cohesion and efficiency.

Team Members

Varna Kadambari

Founder & CEO

Greg Pohodich

National Sales Director

Parshant Jain, MD

Member, Advisory Board

Layton Welborn

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Jamika Duncan

Health Information Management Executive Advisor