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30years Experience in the Healthcare IT industry

One Patient - One Record

Duplicate and Overlay Records cost Hospitals over $11B annually


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Our Mission

Medarcus is a Fair Rate Company - we offer market rate compensation to our team and market prices to our clients.

Team Based

We take a team-based approach in every project - team members have worked together before to ensure team cohesion and efficiency.

Corporate and Contract Alliances

Medarcus Principals and other healthcare practitioners have worked with a broad range of healthcare organizations nationwide through Prime and Subcontract arrangements, these are just a few of our relationships

Team Members

team member

Varna Kadambari

Founder & CEO
team member

James Hoover

Co-Founder, Executive VP
team member

Dr. Ali Shafizadeh

National Director of Healthcare Operations
team member

James Wee, MBA

National Director, Revenue Cycle Solutions
team member

Layton Welborn

Chief Technology Officer