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30years Experience in the Healthcare IT industry

One Patient - One Record

Duplicate and Overlay Records cost Hospitals over $11B annually


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Our Mission

Medarcus is a Fair Rate Company - we offer market rate compensation to our team and market prices to our clients.

Team Based

We take a team-based approach in every project - team members have worked together before to ensure team cohesion and efficiency.

Corporate and Contract Alliances

Medarcus Principals and other healthcare practitioners have worked with a broad range of healthcare organizations nationwide through Prime and Subcontract arrangements, these are just a few of our relationships

Team Members

team member

Varna Kadambari

Founder & CEO
team member

James Hoover

Co-Founder, Executive VP
team member

Dr. Ali Shafizadeh

National Director of Healthcare Operations
team member

James Wee, MBA

National Director, Revenue Cycle Solutions
team member

Layton Welborn

Chief Technology Officer
team member

Dana Ahern-Nguyen

National Health Information Manager